Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Harere's Diary, Part 15

Payni 29
Dear Diary,
Today we went hunting. Buikhu brought his falcon, whom he has finally decided to call Nomti. Femi came too. Nomti appears to be a great fisher. When we stopped near a river, Buikhu suddenly realized that he couldn't see Nomti anywhere! Seconds later, Nomti appeared, carrying about 20 or so fish! Femi's nose led us in the direction of an ibis, and we found a herd of gazelles, too. We then brought out our fishing hooks and caught: 7 trout, 27 herrings,(Thank you, Nomti!) and 14 salmon. We had a delicious supper of trout to look forward to as we trudged home with our catches.


Nomti: Strength


  1. YUM! I want a falcon now, too! I never realized how many fish one falcon could catch. Tell your brother that I love the name Nomti for a falcon.