Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rainbow poems

Red smells like a cherry pie baking
tastes like sweet cranberry juice
sounds like a hunting horn sounding a blow
looks like a velvet carpet laid out at a theater
feels like a silk cushion against my cheek

Orange smells like fresh orange juice
sounds like a guitar strumming away
looks like a fruitful forest
tastes like a lollipop melting on my tongue
feels like a feather gently stroking my palm

Yellow smells like fresh fruit
sounds like a robin twittering its song
looks like a beam of sunlight
tastes like a sour lemon
feels like an apple skin swaying across my arm

Green smells like freshly mowed grass
sounds like the wind rustling the trees
looks like a forest with swaying leaves
tastes like a juicy olive
feels like a soft breeze

Blue smells like the ocean
sounds like a clear note on a silver trumpet
looks like a ray of moonlight shining on a lake
tastes like a blueberry muffin
feels like a warm wave washing over me

Purple smells like perfume
sounds like a violin playing a sad song
looks like a lilac bush in winter
tastes like a grapefruit soft and juicy
feels like I'm traveling through space


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    You so impress
    me with your verse,
    dear poetess!

  2. Wonderful! These really make me think about colors in a whole new way. I love it!

  3. When I got stuck I cycled through the colors and each had it's own smell. They gave me ideas.