Thursday, November 17, 2011

On Da Vinci's "Lady with her Ermine," Part 2

This morning, Cecilia awoke me with a grape under my nose. ''Get up, silly, it's 9:00. Time for breakfast.'' I grab the grape and trot down the stairs before her. I make the mistake of stopping to take a bite of the grape on the last step and slide onto the floor, gripping the grape hard. I curl at a chair leg, chewing my grape, and waiting for Cecilia to stop fussing about how 'Prince could have been seriously injured' and carry me through the closed kitchen door. She finally does and I finish the grape. We go to the basement when she is done, and I leap onto her desk. Her father starts their algebra lesson. I watch him write strange symbols on the blackboard and Cecilia and her brothers raise their hands and call things like ''74!'' and ''180!'' I grow sleepy. I crawl under Cecilia's desk. When I wake again it will be lunch. I am hoping that there will be grapes.


  1. We have been reading a book about a ferret called Edwin Speaks Up. Maybe you would enjoy it!