Friday, November 18, 2011

On Picasso's "Child Holding a Dove"

In the garden, my little sister Lucia holds a white dove gently in her hands. The dove coos. Lucia is wearing a white dress and green sash. The dove softly pecks at the sleeve, and flies down to rest on the brightly-colored ball sitting on the grass next to her, and examines the fake daisies on Lucia's shoes. She giggles as it tries to peck one off. Frustrated, the dove flits to her shoulder and coos once again. She turns and waves to me. I wave back. The dove, seeing me, flies over and coos to me, too, before flitting back to Lucia. I realize what the dove is after, and run to the kitchen, returning with a handful of wheat. The dove flies over, and I pass a little to Lucia, so that she can help. She scatters a bit on the ground, and the dove flies down there, eager for its lunch. Speaking of lunch, Mother is calling us for ours. We leave the rest of the wheat on the windowsill, and run to the table for lunch.