Friday, November 11, 2011

Rat blog: Meet Mickey and Melchisedec

Mickey and Melchisedec are 2 adorable brother pearl-mearle dumbo rats from Lancaster. They love to wrestle, and they live for food. Go anywhere near their cage, and they climb up the side, hoping you have a bag of Pirate Booty, or a piece of vegetable samosa hidden behind your back. They are mostly only awake in the morning and evening. In the afternoon they just give you a look and go back to sleep if you try to wake them up, but an apple or banana slice will always get them up. If you give one of them the first piece, the other comes over and attacks him until you give him his piece, too. Their favorite night of the week is Indian food night, when mommy and daddy share their vegetable samosa. They love fruits and vegetables, fried food, and snack food. They're not allowed to have sweet things, though, unless you count their yogurt-covered rat treats. They have a see-through neon ball that sometimes we let one of them use to run around on the floor. Once the ball's lid came off, and I had to scream for mommy to come help me get Mickey back into the cage. They're so funny!

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