Monday, November 14, 2011

On Da Vinci's "Lady with her Ermine"

In the sitting room, I curl up in my mistress Cecilia's lap. She strokes me gently as she listens to her six brothers talking about the approaching wedding of their cousin Stephania in June. Cecilia has a new white lace dress to wear to it, and when she tried it on, from where I was watching on her bedside table, it looked quite lovely on her. She seems tired out from her lessons this morning, but I, who have just awoken from a nice nap taken during her French lesson, am quite awake and begin to softly paw her sleeve. She has forgotten my supper. She looks down and reaches into her pocket, drawing from it a grape, which I hungrily accept. It is juicy and sweet as I sink my teeth into it. She laughs. ''You're such a nutjob, Prince-or grapejob might be a better term.'' Yeah, that's the spot. I fall asleep-again.


  1. Cecilia was known for her beauty, scholarship and poetry--------and by me for her ermine.