Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On "Picking Apples," Part 2

Today, in our kitchen, we helped Mother with the party preparations. We made rainbow paper chains (and Grace got glue in her hair), wrote party invitations (and Pete accidentally blotted his envelope), and helped Mother bake the pie while the apples were still good (and Lauren forgot to wash her hands first). Then Pete wanted to soak some apples in maple syrup for party favors, but he found that we had none left so he decided to use just plain apples. "That's fine with me." I told him. "Grace can't really afford to get any stickier at the moment." We had to get some more apples, since we'd used the ones we got before to make the pie, so we did, and when we came back Grace had leaves sticking to her gluey hair, and Pete was trying not to laugh at the sight of poor Lauren who was covered with dirt. What a day, what a day!