Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On Seurat's ''The Circus''

At the circus, I sit in the 2nd highest box with my mother. I wear a pink dress and a rose in my hair. Mother wears a light brown top and yellow skirt. We watch a bareback rider dance as she rides a gorgeous white horse. She wears a yellow tutu that spins around her as she dances. An acrobat in a peach jumpsuit does amazing tricks. A clown does the funniest things and pulls on a long golden ribbon. He wears a red vest. The ringmaster cracks his whip and the bareback rider's horse rears up. I am afraid she will fall off, but she keeps her balance! I couldn't have kept my balance for 1 second if that had been me out there. Nor could I have done those amazing tricks that the acrobat did, or all of the funny things the clown did half so well. Next to us, 2 gentlemen in top-hats chat as a parade begins in the ring. I love the circus.


  1. I am the bareback rider! It was a little hard keeping my balance there. (P.S. Have you ever been to a circus for real?)