Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On Seurat's "La Grande Jatte"

On our trip to La Grande Jatte this afternoon, I sit behind my mother in the shade of a tree by the seaside. She carries an umbrella and wears a maroon hat to match her top, and her skirt is deep purple. I wear a black top and orange skirt, and wear no hat to cover my blonde hair. There are dogs and cats milling around everywhere, and a particularly small dog yips and tries to get away from its mistress. A small girl of about four approaches, holding her mother's hand as they search for a place to stay out of the sun. I pick a flower from the patch of grass to my left. It is very pretty. A large brown dog sniffs at a fan that a lady has left lying next to her. I pick up my own. It is very warm, the perfect day to spend the afternoon at La Grande Jatte.


  1. I hope that 4-year-old girl packed the right flavor of ice cream for the afternoon. :) I'd like to spend an afternoon at La Grande Jatte.