Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On "Girl Rocking a Cradle" by Nicolaes Maes

In our living room, I rock the baby to sleep. Her name is Sally, and mine is Cynthia. Sally was just born last month. She is so cute! The week after she was born, almost all our relatives came over to our place to meet the new baby and congratulate my mother. That's where she got this blanket. It was a gift from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Patrick. The cradle was mine when I was her age. Now I'm 4 years old and I get to be a big sister! When Sally gets older, I can teach her all sorts of things. I love to be a big sister. This morning Sally gurgled at me when she woke up, and I gave her her bottle. She makes a lot of funny noises. Thanksgiving is coming soon and we'll have everyone here again. I hope Sally likes it. It'll be her first Thanksgiving!


  1. Will you let Sally have her first taste of pumpkin pie? Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. We might. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.