Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Dance Opera by Edgar Degas

Backstage, my friends and I practice our dance. We are dancing Swan Lake. I am a swan maiden. Our dresses are puffy and blue, with black sashes. My friends are talking over by the bar. Cecile practices her point. We have been working very hard on our dance. I have butterflies in my stomach. This is my 2nd year with this dance group, but last year we just did a little performance for our parents. This is my first time with a real ballet, but I've practiced a lot and I'm sure it will go just fine. I asked Cecile and Grace over a couple times, too, for group practices. I hear the musicians begin to practice the opening song, and listen hard, so I don't miss my signal. We are ushered to the curtain as the play begins. I wait and watch as Act 1 goes on, and then then Grace whispers ''Come on, Beth, it's time." I swoop onto the stage with the other swan maidens. Act 2!


  1. There is a big Degas exhibit at the National Gallery right now! Would be fun, but probably difficult, to take it in while you are in town!

  2. I LOVE these vignettes based on pieces of art. Such a creative idea. And it's not so different from what art historians do sometimes. It's so much fun to imagine what the lives of the people in the paintings were really like.