Friday, November 4, 2011

On Monet's Garden at Vétheuil

In my cousin Isabella's garden, the sunflowers grow very, very tall. It is like a forest of trees with yellow tops. Sunflowers are about the only thing that Isabella's family grows here. I am wearing my favorite white long-sleeved dress, but it is very hot, and I am wishing I had worn my sunshine-yellow sundress like mom wanted. The garden is right in the back of Isabella's house. I am very hungry. I hope Aunt Sarah hurries up with my grilled cheese sandwich. There is a little doll-sized writing desk in the path. I make a note to ask Isabella if she has noticed it here before. I certainly haven't. Then I see some pretty lilacs. So sunflowers aren't they only things that they grow here after all. There also appear to be ferns and some sort of reddish plants that look as though they could be related to cattails. They are growing from pretty clay vases with interesting pictures on them. My favorite is a yellow one with a black picture of a horse. Then, my stomach alerts me of Aunt Sarah's voice calling me in for lunch. I rush in
to sit next to Isabella and dig into my grilled cheese sandwich.