Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dragon Fire: Chapter 10

That night, when Sonia’s mother returned from a tiring night of helping the police deal with the explosion on Bluegrass Hill, she found a strange tape lying on the kitchen on he kitchen. She called her husband in, and played the tape. It showed a cave in the forest with-how did the staff get in that cave? Then, a voice said “A magical staff was sent in a time stream to a cave in the future.” A few sparks that looked like the kind from the explosion that night rolled into the cave, followed by fire that looked suspiciously dragon. “Then, one day, the staff burned in a forest fire,” continued the voice. “The only safe place anywhere around the area was the Shape Shifters’ school.” The children listening at the window withdrew their faces. “I think it worked!” said Sonia, feeling relieved and glad that they’d had the dragon, Pete’s sparks, and been near the cave so they could tape it. “They should send it to the school when they use the time stream.” “We really owe it to your dream. Without your knowing what the staff looked like, Nick and Pete wouldn’t have known to use their Glo-Gel on the stick.” Sonia smiled, feeling complete. “Now, let’s go home, Nicolette. Nick, Pete, Colin, make sure you’ve got everything. Nicolette?” Nicolette was now looking worried. “Well, Sonia, there’s a problem. When people travel back in time, they exit time, and enter another year. But the time of the place they exit doesn’t stand still. We-” “You mean we could come back and find that we’re in school with Georgia’s grandchildren! Why didn’t you tell us before?” Sonia yelled. “Well, nothing we can do about that now,” said Nicolette, trying to gloss over the guilt in her voice with a matter-of-fact tone, and began the spell. When she got to the part with the pictured place, Sonia tried to pull her anger in. She knew that the slightest blur in her head image could ruin the spell. She felt a tug and reappeared in the Bluesea dormitory.

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  1. I never would have thought to use the Glo-Gel on the stick!