Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dragon Fire: Chapter 5

Sonia heard about a greedy demon king and his all-powerful magical staff, his son whom, with the fairies’ help, overthrew him, and how the magic staff was stolen from the greedy king when he tried to hide it away. Sonia realized something. “He thought my parents had it! That’s why he kidnapped my mother!” Nicolette nodded. Sonia went on. “If the staff is here, we’re all in danger, too! We’ve got to protect it!” “But we can’t protect it if we don’t know where it is,” said Colin. “Well, tonight I’m going to watch for suspicious activity. Is anyone else coming?” Sonia announced Sonia. “We will!” yelled Nick and Pete, obviously not caring if they broke 100 school rules. Nicolette looked uncertain. “But, Sonia-” “Don’t worry,” Sonia said. “I have a hunch that I know where the staff is.” That night, after Nicolette and Colin’s long talk with them, trying to persuade them that the staff was in no danger whatsoever, the trio stood outside the most forbidden room in the place; the room where the most dangerous potions and plants were kept. Sonia was sure that it was in there, and Nick and Pete were delighted to have an excuse for breaking rules to give their strict triplet. Suddenly, someone cried “Aha!” and Sonia groaned. They had been cornered by Georgia and her friends, and the gang had closed a circle around them. “We’ll have to report you,” chided Georgia. “That room is out of bounds and you are up past the limit.” Sonia could have argued that she, too, was awake past 9:00, but now was not the time. Their plant studies teacher and Ruby were coming towards them, and Professor Montgomery was calling “All of you! Detention!” Ruby looked disappointed as she looked across the little group and saw Sonia standing guiltily in the center. Sonia was disappointed in herself. Tomorrow evening she would have extra transformation practice for her trouble.

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