Friday, May 11, 2012

Dragon Fire: Chapter 3

Ruby stiffened. “You really want to know?” “Yes.” said Sonia, firmly. She knew they knew, and she wanted to know, too. “Very well. Your mother-she was kidnapped by the demon king when you were 1 year old. She was a Shape Shifter; your father was not. He was taken to a permanent hospital because when he told them what happened to your mother they thought he was having hallucinations.” Sonia gaped. “Why-” Ruby cut her off. “Get some sleep.” Sonia obliged. The next morning, Ruby shook her awake at 7:30. “Do I really have to?” Sonia yawned. “First day you get assigned to your cabin, so you’ve got to be up super early. It’s not so bad the rest of term.” Ruby informed her. Sonia stomach churned. “What if-” Ruby hurried her to the breakfast chamber, where she enjoyed the most splendid breakfast she’d ever tasted. She would have sat there for hours, had Ruby not jumped up and said “Good grief, we’re running late!” and rushed Sonia out before she could finish her butterscotch pancakes with raspberry filling. Outside the school, there were 5 lines. “You get in the line near the garden; that’s for first years.”Ruby told her, and went on to join the 4th line. The fist years went in first, and began being sorted. The children before Sonia transformed into their animals, stood inside a seemingly magical circle, and reappeared in another circle; blue, red, green, or purple. Right ahead of her in line, a tall girl was beating up on a shy seeming boy with golden hair. “Hey!” Sonia yelled. She hated bullies. “Stop it!” The girl turned to face her, grinning. Sonia summoned up her dragon form, and the girl’s smile wavered and disappeared. Sonia roared-and Juniper came rushing over. “What’s this?” “She was hurting that poor boy, professor.” Juniper listened to both sides, and left with a low growl. It was then Sonia’s turn to be sorted. She felt she had now got the hang of transformation, and quickly turned into the great indigo dragon and stepped into the circle. It was a lovely, tingling sensation, as she felt herself whizzing round the circles-and reappearing. She looked beneath her feet; she had landed in the blue circle. She looked around her, and saw that the shy boy was there, too. Sonia rushed over to him. “Are you alright?” she asked. “Yes, thank you. My name’s Colin, by the way.” “I’m Sonia,” said Sonia. Juniper clapped his hands. “Now you have all been sorted, you’ll meet your cabin’s leader, find out your cabin’s element, and learn your cabin’s values. For Redflame house,” he indicated the red circle, “your leader will be Leo Codsworth, your element is fire, and fighting skills and eagerness are valued. Greenbush house” green, "is led by Clara Montgomery, its element is earth, and green thumbs and caring are welcomed here. Purplecloud” purple, “will be led by myself, our element is wind, and we value agility and cunning. Finally, Bluesea, led by Ruby Steinback, represents water an values courage, loyalty, and straight thinking.” Sonia’s heart leapt. She was with Ruby! Maybe school wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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  1. What fun! May I try some of those pancakes, please?