Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dragon Fire: Chapter 11

Sonia looked over, and saw that everyone looked slightly different-a little older than when she’d first met them. Oh, great, thought Sonia. In the morning, I guess we’ll find out how many months we’ve been away… and that they did. After spending the remainder of the night in extremely dusty bunks, thy went downstairs to breakfast to find that they attracted a lot of attention. Georgia looked very displeased to see them, as though she had been beginning to hope that they’d never come back, and everyone else just stared and whispered. Ruby ran up. Sonia immediately asked “ How long have we been in the time stream?” “Oh, that’s where you were! You’ve been away for-well-if you had been here, this would be the feast at the end of your 2nd year.” Nick nearly choked on his pancakes. “2nd?!” “I am so going to flunk this test!” Pete moaned “Nicolette, I am going to get you!” Sonia was feeling shocked, and Colin just looked resigned. The next day, they took the test, achieved a C+ each, and gasped with relief when they were informed that they had just passed. Sonia spent the last few days begging Nicolette for the spell that made a huge pool in the school grounds, trying very hard not to use her fire at all in dragon form, and inviting Robert, who turned out to be a very nice boy, to go out for ice cream with them. When she finally was flying back to the orphanage again, (Ruby had insisted that she had to), she knew that this summer, for the first time, she’d have something to look forward to in the fall. The End

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  1. Whew. What a relief that they passed! When do we get to read the sequel? :)