Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dragon Fire: Chapter 6

After her detention, Sonia could barely keep her eyes open. Nicolette kept saying “I told you so,” and Colin just looked sorry for her. That night Sonia dreamed that her mother was holding her hand in a cave in the forest, and a long, ivy-covered glowing staff was on the wall, behind a blue shield. Then her mother transformed into a doe and carried the staff off. The scene changed. She was in a cozy room, and her parents were taking a long staff out of a closet. Her father stood by the window, and her mother said some strange words and threw the staff into the fire. Sonia woke up, and recalled her dream. So her parents had had the staff, but they had hidden it-where? She told Nicolette, Colin, and the boys about the dream, and when Nicolette heard the words Sonia’s mom had said, she gasped. “Sonia, your parents used a time stream! They sent the staff to a different time!” Sonia sounded relieved. “Good. I was afraid they’d destroyed it.” “But Sonia, that’s the thing!” Nicolette sounded extremely worried. “Your parents were taking a great risk. You see, time streams put shields in front of the transported thing or person once they reach the chosen time. These shields can resist anything-except for the element that made the stream. There was a forest fire in the area you said the staff was in years ago-” “And my parents used fire!” finished Sonia. “The staff could have burned!” “There’s only one way to save it now!” said Nicolette. “We’ve got to go back in time and stop your parents!”

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  1. Oh, my goodness, I never guessed they used a time stream! Julia, this is brilliant! I can't wait to see what happens next!