Friday, May 18, 2012

Dragon Fire: Chapter 8

Sonia was very embarrassed. Nick and Pete had remembered some old clothes of theirs that they’d thought might make useful disguises, and which (fortunately for the plan but not so much for Sonia ) had been in their pockets. Sonia had to disguise herself for her talk with her parents, or years later when Sonia was a kindergartener, a villager who’d been at the scene now might recognize Sonia. So that is why, after much argument, Sonia could be found standing in front of her house; hair bunned by Nicolette and experiment-stained shirt and shorts donated by Nick and Pete. She knocked, and her father’s face appeared at the door, worried at first but then splitting into a wide grin. “Dear, the trick-or-treaters have started arriving!” Trick-or-treaters? Sonia gasped. It must have been Halloween! Sonia realized that she had no idea whatsoever how to tell her parents what they needed to know. Also, glancing at the bush where the others were hiding, Nick and Pete probably couldn’t keep quiet much longer. “Uhhh,” said Sonia. “Achoo!” said the bush. “Who is it?” her father called. “You can come out!” The whole bush stood up. Sonia guessed Nicolette was using a lifting charm. “Trick or treat!” said the bush, in Pete’s voice. Sonia’s father, looking quite overwhelmed, gave the bush and Sonia each a selection of candy, and then they went of. Sonia said. “Put that bush back, Nicolette,” said Sonia, and the bush flew back to its proper place, revealing a guilty-looking Nicolette, and the others, howling with laughter. That night they camped in a cave on top of a hill, and they vowed tot ry again later.


  1. I loved writing "Uhhh," said Sonia. "Achoo!" said the bush. Everyone else cracked up when they read it.