Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dragon Fire: Chapter 7

Sonia and her friends spent the next 4 weeks planning their quest. During those weeks January came, and they had an extravagant feast to celebrate the new year. Finally, on Valentine’s Day, they were ready. Sonia climbed down from her bunk, and found a Valentine that sang a song when you opened it. It contained a delicate locket, and it was from a boy named Robert. She put it on and went down to breakfast. That evening, Sonia, Colin, and the triplets gathered in the dormitory to attempt the tricky time stream. Nicolette, their best spell-caster, stood in front of the water fountain and took a deep breath. “Everybody make a chain. And be careful, people have been known to lose body parts in time streams.” “How comforting,” one of the boys muttered. “I find that very consoling, Nick.” Nicolette took a deep breath, and told them “When I finish the incantation, step into the fountain.” She began to chant: “We 5 kids through time must travel, so the path of the years we now unravlel. Transport us now through time and space, and send us to the pictured place.” Sonia had practiced this part because only she could do it, and she thought hard about the cave in the woods, 10 years ago. They all stepped into the fountain, and instantly found themselves in the place of Sonia’s dream. Sonia looked around, and as shocked to see that all her comrades had turned into- Oh no, thought Sonia, let this be another dream. All of them had turned back into their kindergarten age selves, and when she looked at herself in the reflective cave crystals, she found she had too! Everyone giggled at each other’s appearances for a minute, then sat down to construct a plan.


  1. Indeed! Please do! I apologize for not commenting on this story at all yet, but I am thoroughly enjoying it!