Monday, May 14, 2012

Dragon Fire: Chapter 4

Sonia’s first class was Juniper’s. They were learning to change shape more easily, and she soon discovered that it was about as easy as potting a thorn bush in a carrot-size pot. Colin’s mane grew and subsided throughout class, and Sonia’s wings just wouldn’t stay there. Juniper seemed to expect a lot more than what first-timers should be capable of, and gave them a mountain of homework. The next class was plant studies with Greenbush, and was made quite a lot worse than it should have been by he bully Sonia had faced down, who happened to be in Greenbush. Her name apparently was Georgia, which you couldn’t mistake when she started showing off for their teacher. She, like most bullies, had her friends with her for protection, so Sonia couldn’t do more than shoot her a fiery glare. Finally, after every healing property of the loorgler had been examined, they finally went out to lunch in the courtyards and hoped none of Georgia’s friends sat down next to them. Instead, two boys and a girl, triplets, sat down on either side of tem. The boys’ bright red hair looked like it had yet to meet a comb and their shirt had several multicolor stains on them, but the girl’s hair was neatly plaited into two swishy red braids and she said ‘Hello. I’m Nicolette, and these are my brothers, Nick and Pete. Who are you?” Sonia and Colin introduced themselves, and one of the boys, eager to start a chat, said “They’re saying the Demon Kings treasure I somewhere in this school!” “Demon?” asked Sonia, interested. The other boy, looking incredulous, said “You don’t know about the Demon King’s treasure?” “Nick, let me tell them,” Nicolette began. “Many years ago…”

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  1. Oh! The Demon King's treasure.... I can't wait!