Monday, May 7, 2012

Revolutionary Rats: Farewell

So here we say farewell to our friends, the Gnawingtons. They went on to have many more adventures, but so many that you could never put them down on paper. Freddie, at 2 years old, was allowed to join the militia, Eleanor and Rebecca created a secret mail service to bring both human and rodent soldiers’ notes to their families, Robbie and Susie took supplies to the soldiers, and Mama and Papa gave birth to quite a few more baby rats including Laura, Tommy, and Arianna who were a great help, too. All rats lived to great old ages, had children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great, great grandchildren and still managed to help out and become nurses and soldiers and join the Gnawington Mail service with Rebecca and Eleanor. These are a great many things for a rat to do in the course of a lifetime, and though we humans never really acknowledged their presence other than an occasional “Shoo, rats!”, the Gnawingtons will forever be remembered in the world of rats, mice, chinchillas, shrews, and ferrets as “The Revolutionary Rats.”

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