Thursday, May 3, 2012

Revolutionary Rats: Tension

The next month was very tense. Many more battles were heard of, and without Brianna, Rebecca was feeling very down. Their 7 month birthday was not very fun, because everyone was too concerned about the war now thundering around them. First Britain seemed to have the upper hand; then Americans displayed great determination and abruptly turned the tables. Everyone was scared that they would be invaded by the British, but Freddie was enjoying it thoroughly. He scribbled “ Good Luck!” on a tiny paper airplane and sailed it out a tiny window in hopes that in would find some courageous soldier (which it never did), made pretend gunshots during dinner, and drew a flag so huge that it covered the whole floor in chalk. Not everyone was too pleased about these antics, and Freddie thought his mother would never stop ranting about the time when she walked in to find that he had pelted the cellar (not to mention his protesting siblings) with red, white, and blue paint leftover from the human’s previous paint jobs. Luckily the paint was still wet, but they still had an awfully hard time getting it off before the humans noticed. Most of them, however, were very, very, tense.

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