Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dragon Fire: Chapter 2

After registering what she had just seen, Sonia chases after the bright cardinal. Several times she had to stop and rest, but finally the bird stopped and called out its twitter into a cave that seemed to be filled with blue mist. A wolf’s howl came echoing back, and the cardinal flew into the cave, transforming back into the girl on the other side of the blue mist. “Come on!” she called, and Sonia cautiously stepped through the blue mist-and found she couldn’t. “Oh, I forgot,” the girl said. “What do you turn into again?” “Uh,” said Sonia. “Something with blue scales and wings.” “Wow! A dragon! You must be powerful!” said the girl. “Now give us a roar.” Sonia tried her hardest, and finally out came a sort of strangled growl. The wolf howled again, though hesitated a bit this time. “Now step through,” the girl instructed. Sonia did, and this time found herself somewhere that seemed strangely familiar. It was like a grand marble palace, with stalactites for pillars. “I’m Ruby, by the way,” the girl continued.”And you’re Sonia, right? It’s time for you to have your questions answered. Firstly, Morgan Peck is a Shape Shifter, who can change from human to their registered animal at will. Secondly, You, too, are a Shape Shifter, apparently whom turns into a dragon.” Sonia opened her mouth, but couldn’t ask the question. “Now, I’ll introduce you to the rest of us. Do follow me.” Ruby went on, not noticing Sonia’s open mouth. They went into the next chamber, where a young man with dark hair tied back in a ponytail jumped as they entered. “Calm down, Juniper, it’s only me,” Ruby said. “Sonia, this is Juniper Lupus. He will help teach you at our academy.” Juniper nodded curtly, then went back to his book. Sonia just looked. “Now I’ll take you to the school.” They went through a long passage, ending in a courtyard and a large stone building. Ruby continued “This is the school where you’ll learn how to change shape quickly, summon up your animal’s special talents, and, in case you’re spotted by a non-Shape Shifter, do a quick memory wipe.” Sonia was doing her best to take all this in, but she was too busy looking at the building. It looked very stern and cold, at least the orphanage hadn’t looked so forbidding. “It’s mainly metal and stone because some of the animals the students turn into could do serious damage to wood or brick,” Ruby went on, eyeing Sonia’s mouth and nose. They walked back to the mouth of the cave, and Ruby said “You’ll spend your first night in a special room with other new children. Tomorrow you’ll start term at the school, so get some sleep.” Sonia curled up under the sheets of a soft, comfortable bed. It was no good, she’d have to ask. “Ruby,” she called softly. Ruby turned. “Yes, Sonia?” “Do you know anything about my parents?”


  1. Oh, way to leave us hanging, Julia! Loving this story!

  2. Yes, I do have a way of doing that, don't I? ;)