Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dragon Fire: Chapter 9

That night, Sonia was awakened by two things: a whiff of smoke and a sound halfway between a whimper and a yelp. She opened her eyes to find Colin, flattening himself to the wall, cowering in the shadow of a huge dragon! Sonia’s dragon instincts kicked in, and she transformed. She’d always gotten aggressive at the orphanage when someone else was on her bed or stealing one of her things. She now supposed it was dragon territorial defensiveness. Now, though she was the trespasser, she felt the same way and roared. The other dragon turned, claws ready to attack anyone who dared distract it from its next meal, and Colin slid away. The others awoke, and Nick and Pete took one look at the dragon and morphed into two identical tigers, setting upon the poor beast. Nicolette, hesitating to turn into her fox, cried “Look out,” as a jet of flame singed Sonia’s wingtip. Sonia gave out a gasp, and a shower of sparks met the dragon’s flames, one flying towards a tank of highly flammable liquid belonging to the boys. Nicolette took one look at the spark soaring towards Nick and Pete’s experiment and yelled, “Quick! Get away from the jar!” Nick dragged the dragon out too, moments before the whole hill exploded. Pete grabbed an extra jar from his ever-full pockets and caught some flying sparks. “For later experiments,” he explained. Nicolette stood, hands on hips. “It’s one of your ‘experiments’ that blew up that hill!” “Everyone! I just had an idea!” Sonia exclaimed. “Pete, do you have a video camera in your pockets?”

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