Friday, May 4, 2012

Revolutionary Rats: Declaration of Taildependence

The next day, Papa overheard the humans discussing something that interested him. “The Adams are going to sign the Declaration of Independence!” “Yes, they’re leaving today!” Papa withdrew his head from the crack in the wall. Declaration of Independence? Then it dawned on him. The Americans were declaring freedom from the British, and he wanted to be there and sign the paper, too! He scurried back down to the cellar, and told his wife to take good care of the children. She argued, but finally gave in. When her father left, Rebecca snuck after him. She was bored, and wanted an adventure. They snuck into the Adamses’ sack, and proceeded on a rather dull journey. How long it took they could not tell. For something to distract her from her dismalness, Rebecca yelled “BOO!” Upon discovering her, Papa scolded her but could not send her back. Finally, a hand reached in for a quill, and they had to leap out. Luckily, John Adams was too busy looking the other way to notice them. They found their way to the room where a group of men were discussing and signing a paper. When they’d all gone, Papa quickly slashed the paper with a tail dipped in ink, and Rebecca made some miniscule curly lines with the tip of her claw. If no one examined the paper too closely, both would just look like ink blots but to the careful observer, Rebecca’s lines formed her initials: “R. B. G.”

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  1. Wow! Who knew rats were such an important part of history--I mean beyond carrying the bubonic plague. ;)