Friday, January 13, 2012

Book report on The Emerald Atlas

Title: The Emerald Atlas

Author: John Stephens

Main characters: Kate, Michael, and Emma

Summary: Kate, Michael, and Emma are passed from orphanage to orphanage after their parents abandon them. At one of the orphanages, which is very dismal, they find a photo album and put into it a picture from when the orphanage was a better place-and are transported back to when the photo was taken. They escape from an evil countess but Michael is left behind, and Kate and Emma go back to rescue him and and are caught by the countess. They lose the photo album to her, and are desperate to get it back and go back home. They finally find it and save the children the countess has held captive, and defeat the countess. They finally can go home.


  1. I meant to say that they can go back to the time when the book started.