Monday, January 30, 2012

A Lion's Mane: Chapter 2: Every Day

Each day on his island, Grandroar takes a walk with his father and twin sister. They stop if Grandroar spots a particularly ripe plum or orange pumpkin that he’d like to have for breakfast, and he eats and goes back home with his father. Then he plays with his twin sister, the princess Lovelypaw, until lunchtime when he goes of in search of a lentil or two. In the afternoons, he does not have any of the pouncing or hunting lessons a normal young prince might have, because he is a vegetarian, so he has this time all to himself. At dinner he sits by himself, because he does not like to see or smell the meat any more than he likes to eat it. This is how it goes for Grandroar, every single day.

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  1. He has a twin sister! Julia, you are going to be a famous writer one day. :)