Monday, January 9, 2012

An Elephant's Trunk: Chapter 1: Emeraldtrunk

Emeraldtrunk the elephant is 4 months old. She has always admired Striper the legendary tiger who had saved the island long ago, and wants to be like him when she grows up. For her 1st. birthday, she wants to meet him. At the moment, she attends a preschool for young elephants. She has a trunk that is longer than most adult elephants’ but she loves it. She can use it to pick up pebbles and make towers of rocks by reaching over and using it for a suction cup. It is so long she can tie it in knots. However, she has a hard time walking in school, because she is always tripping over it, and everyone else is always tripping over it, so she is forced to stand in the back of the line. Poor Emeraldtrunk.

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  1. Poor Emeraldtrunk. That must be difficult. Sort of like being Dumbo but without the bonus of being able to fly.