Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Elephant's Trunk: Chapter 6: Surprise

The next morning, Emeraldtrunk is awakened by a loud whisper. “Emeraldtrunk!” She opens her eyes and is surprised to see Fiercepaw staring at her. “I wanted to help stop the flood, but father says I’m too young.” Emeraldtrunk recovers from her surprise and asks, “But why are you here?” “Well, because-” Fiercepaw pauses-”I wanted to ask you if you want to help, too.” Emeraldtrunk gasps. “You mean there might be something we could do?” They spent a while thinking, and being very careful not to wake Emeraldtrunk’s mother. That was when they heard it. “Fiercepaw, what’s that splashing sound?” They looked down the hill. The hole in the mountain ring had obliviously widened surprisingly during the night. The water had risen halfway up the hill, and it was slapping against the side!

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