Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Dragon's Wings: Chapter 4: Wings

The next day, Shimmerscale’s back feels funny. He looks back to see if a leaf has fallen on him-and sees a tiny pair of wings! He rushes to his mother and shows her. She nearly faints. Shimmerscale flexes them. He feels both excitement and confusion. During the week, his wings grow until they are each as long as 2 good sized books. He is very excited, but he still wants to find out more about dragons. Finally, he grows so curious, and he hasn’t really found out anything he doesn’t already know (since that first scroll), that he decides he wants to go take a trip to see the area they were thought to live in, to study clawmarks and things like that. He tells his mother and she insists on coming with him. Shimmerscale would also like to learn more about what the first scroll said the dragons were guarding, but he does not tell his mother that. The next day, they go to find out more about dragons.

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