Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Lion's Mane: Chapter 3: Try It

One day, on their morning walk, Grandroar spots the most delicious-looking grapefruit he has ever seen, and gobbles it up. Lovelypaw stops for a moment as well, to ask him “What was that that you just ate?” “A grapefruit,” Grandroar answers. “Do you want to try one?” She eats a grapefruit. “Yum, these are delicious!” “The best ones grow in the forest, but we’re not allowed in there.” He makes a gesture to the forbidden area. She licks her lips. “Lovelypaw! Grandroar! Come on!” They run back to their father, Grandroar feeling that he may have made a very big mistake in letting Lovelypaw try the grapefruit.

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