Friday, January 13, 2012

An Elephant's Trunk: Chapter 9: We've Made It!

They get onto the raft (to their relief it holds their weight and floats) and launch it. Emeraldtrunk used her trunk as a paddle and got them halfway to the mountain before she gets tired out and Fiercepaw Takes his turn. When they bump against the side of the mountain, everyone but Emeraldtrunk gets off the raft and climbs onto a ledge. “You coming, Emeraldtrunk?” asks Fiercepaw. “I need to paddle over and get the other animals. We can’t just leave them!” She went back many times that day for the other animals, collecting anything that was able to be saved that could be used as food along the way. When she gets back, she realizes with pride that a normal-sized trunk could never have been used as an oar, and none of this could have happened.

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