Friday, January 6, 2012

The Tiger's Tale: Chapter 10: The Battle

The animals spring out of the bushes on all sides. Striper had not realized how many his mother had meant when she said “the others”. Growlson and Scarletheart were there, and so were the teachers at his school, and Ms. Topaz! All different types of animals were there, too. The owls were all hooting and waving their schoolbooks, Emeraldtrunk, that clumsy little elephant with the long trunk, was spraying water everywhere, and the geckos were climbing all over the enemies! The looks on their faces! He hurled himself into the mayhem and got into claw-to-claw combat with a kangaroo, which a friendly cheetah made private by running rings of dust around them. One of the rings went into the kangaroo’s face and Striper was able to tackle him. He ran off to wrestle a panda. This battle was won easily, since Striper, Growlson, and Scarletheart got the better of the chief, and Ms. Topaz silenced the silly bat general who kept screeching things at them.

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  1. Wow! How do you fight a kangaroo? That seems really hard. P.S. Julia, the Year of the Dragon starts on Chinese New Year, Jan. 23. I think you should write a story about a baby dragon.