Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Elephant's Trunk: Chapter 7: Escape

“Mother! Mother, wake up quick! The water has risen halfway up the side of the hill!” Emeraldtrunk shakes her mother, who springs up. “Emeraldtrunk, why is Fiercepaw here?” “No time to explain, mother! Just look at the flood! How will we ever get away?” Her mother gasps and would fall out of the cave if Fiercepaw didn’t yanked her back. She asks, “Does anyone know another way out?” “We could dig,” Fiercepaw suggests. “Tiger claws are very sharp.” “Where would we dig to? The whole island must be flooded by now!” Emeraldtrunk asks. “No, wait! The water couldn’t reach past the ring of mountains it’s leaking through, right?” She points to a mountain. “But the tunnel would have to be very wide so that we wouldn’t get stuck, and it might take too long.” Fiercepaw says, “No, I have a better idea.” They huddle together as Fiercepaw tells them his plan. “It's extremely risky, but it just might work.”

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