Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Elephant's Trunk: Chapter 5: Flood!

Encircling the edge of Emeraldtrunk’s island, there is a line of mountains that keep out the sea. The land on the edge of Emeraldtrunk’s island slopes inward, so that the water would completely cover the island if it were not for these mountains. Unknown to the inhabitants of the island, the sea has been carving a small hole in one of these mountains, (due to a particularly strong west wind) and the water is already beginning to leak through. This is discovered by a passing owl, who makes sure to ring the alarm bell and warn everyone to stay where the water cannot reach. The chief decides that if the water level gets too high, they will have to find a way of leaving the island. Emeraldtrunk and her mother receive the warning and Emeraldtrunk wants to stay and help, but her mother hurries her to their winter cave, which is atop a large hill. Emeraldtrunk looks out the window and wonders what Fiercepaw is doing now. “Probably helping his father with the flood,” she thinks with a sigh.

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