Friday, January 20, 2012

A Dragon's Wings: Chapter 5: Exploring

Shimmerscale and his mother are on the bank of a river, waiting to cross. His mother wades in, and Shimmerscale climbs onto her back. The water is not deep, and it does not take them long to cross. The other side is one of the spots where the dragons were supposed to have spent a lot of time, and Shimmerscale is amazed by it. He walks about a bit, then almost falls into a shallow pit. On a second glance, he discovers that it is not a pit-but a giant footprint! “Wow,” he gasps. There is something familiar about this place, but he doesn’t know why. They explore the bank further, and find some golden yellow fruits which Shimmerscale finds scrumptious but make his mother almost gag, find some marks on a tree that suggest that a rather large tail was lashed at it, and had a pretty good time. Shimmerscale is still very curious, though.

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