Friday, January 20, 2012

A Dragon's Wings: Chapter 6: Realization

Shimmerscale and his mother stay for 4 weeks, and discover quite a lot about dragons. On the last day of their time there, Shimmerscale decides to stay inside a day and think about what he has learned. They have wings, horns, and tails, and lots of scales. “Hey, that’s sort of like me,” he realizes. “And I liked that fruit that mother hated. Could I be a dragon?” It was all starting to fit together in his head. This was why he had always felt connected to the word “dragon”. He had always grown much faster than the other children in his class, and that footprint had been so huge. “I am the last dragon alive,” he realizes. He tells his mother, and it makes sense to her, too. They go home, then, having found out as much as they need to know.

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  1. Such a cool story! Does Shimmerscale like dragonfruit? I am not fond of it, but Michael liked it last time we checked.