Monday, January 23, 2012

A Seals' Flipper: Chapter 2: A Typical Day

Sleekwhisker’s family (agewise) goes like this: Aunt Shellsmile, Musclefin, Sleekwhisker, Roughbark, Sweetblubber, and the baby, Speedswimmer. Musclefin and Roughbark are sometimes a little hard to control, but they are really very nice. Sweetblubber is 2 months old and is a sort of copycat. Speedswimmer is only 5 weeks old, and can’t do much yet. On weekday evenings, Sleekwhisker likes to curl up in her section of the cave, while the others swordfight with stalactites and look for pearls in the closet, and takes a nice nap. On weekend mornings she catches fish with Aunt Shellsmile, and takes Sweetblubber for a swim. Sometimes her best friend, Glimmercoat, would come over and they’d make seaweed necklaces and swap news and try to prevent Sweetblubber from tagging along. Boring would never be a good way to describe Sleekwhisker’s cave, and yet she longs for more adventure, which her damaged flipper keeps her from.

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  1. Sleekwhisker has the best name, but they're all pretty fantastic.