Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Seals' Flipper: Chapter 4: Tsunami

The next morning, the water feels a lot stronger than usual. Sleekwhisker looks around. Her family appears to be very frenzied. “Sleekwhisker, quickly! A tsunami is coming, and we must be away when it comes!” cries Aunt Shellsmile. Sleekwhisker leaps up and starts gathering as much leftover clam and oyster salad as possible. They wouldn’t want to run out of food on their escape. When they are all ready, they swim off. Sleekwhisker spots the tsunami rolling towards them. She tries to swim faster, but at that moment (of all moments it could have happened!) her flipper has one of its rare painful moments, and she is overtaken by the humongous wave! Her last conscious thought is that of her family calling her name as she is forced away from them.

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  1. OH, NO! How frightening! (P.S. I love Aunt Shellsmile's name.)