Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Dragon's Wings: Chapter 1: Shimmerscale

Shimmerscale has always wondered where he came from. His mother had found his egg on the shore after a big flood, and taken care of him. He looks nothing like anyone else on the island and his mother is so much taller than he is that she has to stretch her entire long neck to feed him, though he is growing faster than any of the other children. He has shiny golden scales, which his mother takes great pleasure in polishing, and two small, sharp horns which the other children are all afraid of. He is very proud of his horns and his scales, but he wishes he could be more like the other children. At night, small rings of smoke curl from his nostrils as he dreams. His mother, who is a giraffe, loves him very much but cannot help wondering who he is. She remembers the night she picked up his large, pearly swirled pink, blue, and golden egg. Everything about her son is a mystery.

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  1. Ooooooh...a dragon story, and an adopted dragon story! I wish I could see a picture of his egg (hint, hint).