Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Dragon's Wings: Chapter 2: History

Shimmerscale attends school, like all young creatures of his age, and he has history today. The teacher, Mr. Blackspot, will today tell them about the first creatures to be on the island. “Before anyone else on this island, there were great dragons. They had scaly skins that shone and tall pointed horns. They breathed fire. Back then, the island was a sort of tropical paradise, so they had everything they needed.” Upon hearing this story, something in Shimmerscale’s head clicks. This is in some way related to him, but he cannot see how. He raises a claw. “Yes, Shimmerscale?” the teacher asks. “What happened to them?” Shimmerscale asks. “Most people believe that a giant storm came and that all but one of the dragons could not leave in time,” responds his teacher. After school, Shimmerscale thinks for a long time. He just has to find out more about the one surviving dragon.


  1. Oh, the excitement! This is magnificent! And I love Shimmerscale's name! Does he have giraffe siblings?