Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Seals' Flipper: Chapter 3: School

The next day is a school day for Sleekwhisker, so she quickly eats her breakfast, picks Glimmercoat up, and swims to school. When they get there, the teacher, Miss Longtusk, has already started attendance, but luckily both their names are at the end of the list, so Miss Longtusk has not called them yet. After roll call, Miss Longtusk tells them “Today we will be studying seaweed, coral, and other plants that grow under the sea.” “Good,” thinks Sleekwhisker in her head. She loves to learn about plants. She has a garden back home in which she grows all kinds of things. During the lesson, she is able to share much of her knowledge of plants with the class, and learns a few new things herself. When it is time for lunch, she is thinking about the coral reef she wants to grow encircling her garden as she chews her clam and oyster salad.

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